The Smart State

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Technologies such as personal computers and smartphones have reshaped every corner of society. Characters such as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple as often presented innovators as the gods of the technology of conversion of this planet, but the new film The Smart State gave a very different theory and less popular.

Although staff in the private sector Jobs and Wozniak are seen as those who have a range of visionary skills, aggressive advertising and attractive packaging, the most advanced technology they use in their products because of the Sweat and ingenuity of the public sector. In the opening moments of the film, a technology expert explored the inside of a smart phone. The origin of each department’s work becomes clear at each stage of the test.

The development of the phone camera is the US State Department sponsored and proven to be particularly useful in war situations. GPS technology is also the rest of the conflict, and its patent has since the Cold War. Each has the technology, including Bluetooth, internet, wifi, touch screen and voice activation, come from the public sector.

The film calls into question the common perception that the role of the public sector in the creation of new technologies is one of the sponsors and sympathizers. In fact, in many cases, the opposite is true. Government funding for public universities and research centers has led to many revolutionary advances in our era in the field of domestic technology, robots at work and medicine. But who really benefits from all this invention and productivity, and the arrangements will guarantee innovation in the future?

These are the main questions posed by the State Secret Service. The private sector is not only hosting new technology, but most profits as well as government tax cuts. Finally, the experts interviewed by the film require cooperation between the private sector and the public as is the case in Denmark. In future plans and innovative energy without carbon emissions, the country has achieved the greatest success in investment, and reward innovative new technologies are shared.

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