The Race to Space

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The outer space of the space to be won, and major technology companies and types of industrialists from around the world are eager to share their demands with it. Ambitions wise as they have identified spiritual progress and discovered in the history of our planet, but they also lead to a particularly thorny issue in this case. Who owns the space? the Space race to keep track of all the company’s numbers to foreign government law professionals when they cross this exciting territory.

Launched in 2015 under President Obama’s US Space Competitiveness Act or Space Act, shows the next evolution of space exploration. Projects projects in remote areas are no longer a single area of ​​government agencies and large selected states. Now they are also open to the benefits of industrialization.

Two companies in particular – Six deep industry and planetary resources – are at the forefront of this movement. Their interests lie in mining asteroids, from which they can harness valuable resources for these space efforts and future practical applications on Earth. Asteroids water and metal content are essential to maintain life and building infrastructure in space for goal colonies while the large platinum metal volume they can help to restore once again one of the resources the More rare on our planet. The United Arab Emirates has similar objectives. Oil represents the majority of their assets will be a dry day and platinum mining promising alternative.

Frans von der It’s there drenched in between. A professor of space law, he was officially named as the space police. It has fallen to creating systems in which different industries can function and coexist in the galaxy in a way that will not resemble the disorder of the Far West. Its major challenge is to develop policies to meet the needs of current and future space exploration projects.

The space race makes people realize that we have come since the first man to walk on the Moon nearly 50 years ago. Compared to simple times, the reality of space exploration today really out of this world.

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