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With the vast landscape and wonders of inspiring nature, Australia is the place where you can come near postcard paradise better image, especially if you are a rich class member. But the first inhabitants of this country have experienced another in Australia; One of the characteristics of intolerance, oppression and the constant threat of annihilation. Documentary length is a Utopia portrait clearly observed their situation, and the cry of all its citizens against the human rights violations that take place in their weird backyard.

Aboriginal people in Australia have blacks creating their homes over thousands of years of the continent before the invasion of Europe in 1788. These invaders despised the rights of indigenous peoples and committed massacres of their tribes by the Violence, concentration camps, and the spread of devastating disease.

The same sense of neo-racism remains deeply developed to this day even if it is hidden from the eye. We film images of physical violence by members of law enforcement agencies to apply, and an interview with an official support race disable Aborigines.

The most obvious crime, however clear of how Aboriginal people were forced to exist. Ironically, Utopia is the poorest region in Australia and the largest number of indigenous people. This is where the filmmakers have put the implacable look of their camera, and captured us to witness first-hand the despair so dark and their living conditions. People seem abandoned, abandoned and all forgotten by “civilized” society. They do not have adequate shelter, clean water, public transport, electricity and access to health care and sanitation. The charity strives to improve the quality of life of indigenous peoples, but their efforts discouraged because of the lack of awareness of the citizens of this country, and the lack of empathy on the part of the members of the government.

The native tribes of Australia are part of the irreplaceable history of the country, and they must be protected. Unfortunately, the sins of the past continue to determine the present. Hopefully movies like strong utopia and compassion can help shape a better future.

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