An Inconvenient Border: Where China Meets North Korea (2017)

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As tensions between the United States and North Korea continue to worsen, China’s role has become increasingly urgent to restore hospitality and peaceful balance. In an unsafe border: where China meets North Korea, ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff travels along the 880-mile border shared by China and North Korea and has valuable views on the relationship. They are delicate and complex.

Once, these two countries share a harmonious cooperation. This cooperation began to disintegrate with the growth of Kim Jong-un in 2012. It is a famous refuge where Korean leaders have made enormous efforts to reach the President of China. Shandong, although his country remains heavily dependent on China. The evidence of this presence throughout the film, including a segment exploring a unified bridge – set up in the previous regime – is now abandoned.

Interviews with Chinese citizens confirm a sense of suspicion for their neighbors. When curious viewers look at themselves with binoculars in their normal activities that seem cross-border, they are warned not to take pictures or do anything to provoke North Korea.

Of course, the latest news has warned the world that all activities are not mundane across the border. It seems that Kim Jong-un has become increasingly incurable, and his implacable nuclear tests have made patience and the moment when relations in the region are even warmer. On some stretches of the border, the Chinese feel the shocks of each explosion, causing greater fear and hope for a peaceful solution.

The film gives viewers an inner vision of commercial activity that continues to grow despite the recently announced sanctions, thousands of Chinese troops are ready to cross the border to prevent blocking deflectors on the other side and the beautiful landscapes separating the two countries.

An unfavorable border: the case of the meeting of China in North Korea is the most brilliant in describing the attitude of China towards North Korea and its suspicious tactics behind. Each questioner shared his thoughts and concerns about recent missile tests, the reasons they believed to lead North Korea’s dictatorship, and the ability to avoid escalation. The complement of this frightening conflict.

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