The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers

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One of the greatest American founder is a man named Charles Thomson, who was said to have been closer to the events and people of the American Revolution than any other man of the time there. While Congress Secretary Thomson 1774-1789, throughout the revolution and the establishment of the federal government. It was also man who made the final decision of designing the great seal of America, the rules can now be found on the back of the bill in US dollars.

As new America was formed as white, Thomson had a detailed history of events that took place during the Revolution and men who are white organizations like the hero of the country of the Republic. Although he was arrested several times to publish this story, Thomson denied, “No,” he said”,

I should not, because I should contradict all the stories about the great event of revolutionaries. That people admire the wisdom and courage of people have assumed the greatness of us. “He said,” will’nt the future generations undeceive “.

As a result, Thomson will eventually destroy his manuscript and what was the most true account able of the American Revolution was lost for all time. It can be said that any serious inquiry into the history of America began with Thomson and his decision not to undeceive future generations of history. Thomson what it meant? What is he hiding? Because we are the next generation, what have we deceived about?

Today the father of the United States is perhaps the most famous man in the world, to establish a new form of government is that the magic of modern times. In the debate whether the United States was created as a Christian nation, it makes sense to divide its history. Most ACCEPT pilgrims landed in Plymouth who were undoubtedly Christians 1620 Who built the city and their schools on the basis of the teachings of the Bible. However, 150 years before Plut in the United States was founded, as a result of the American Revolution. Due to the influence of early Christianity, the philosopher was-revolutionary in Embraced what might be called “Christian love. “

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