Evolution Vs. God

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According to the short documents in relation to God’s evolution, Darwin was an act of faith that is far from creative to explain the mystery of our existence. The film, can present an attractive Open Debate is a very important issue, quickly alongside a “Gotcha” shallow mind exercise.

During the film we blinking With the interview quickly change the professor of biology and ecology at both the University of Los Angeles Central and the University of Southern California, as well as many of the young students They guide. Many of these objects are considered as brilliant minds in their field, and they hold the new event in their religious beliefs, the goal of the film producer boiling position against intellectual property would weaken the ability their ability to successfully argue their box At each turn.

Presenter of the film, Christian missionaries Ray Comfort, who in the world of creation-mocking known as Banana Man, does not waste time to challenge confirmed his subjects posing in a frustrating limited context. Scattered thesis clips is a series of quotes from the famous not believe, including Professor Richard Dawkins.

Time has gone by, the filmmakers do not try to justify their faith with tangible proof that he demanded of dissident son. Get the central reasoning at face value – this evolution requires nothing less than an act of faith, creativity – why should someone feel obliged to negotiate an explanation for others?

Real program of the house became evident at the end of the film when he called each object son to implement reaching personal salvation by a teaching embrace of God. Whether you praise or criticize this approach, the film will not fail to provoke a strong reaction.

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