The Ocean’s Border (2011)

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Our planet is home to very special places. In this unique, completely different point in the world wait. There, the cold meets hot, the jungle meets the desert and the North meets the South. These contradictory worlds are destined to live side by side, to discover oneself, to share a strange and unique territory. Where he met and the collision of life generated an unexpected reaction.  These places are laboratories where nature experiments with her inhabitants day and night… every hour, every minute, every second.

Here, life shakes everything with all its power. The sudden extinction and new species, long-distance travelers, invaders and ruthless cruelty and new opportunities. In these places, every living person plays cards in a game of life and death.

Only two places act as real links between two worlds: North and South America, Africa and Europe. These points, located between two continents, are bridges, strips of land endowed with a unique and unique natural diversity. No engineer can imagine anything like that, even the most audacious, or the most inventive. Nobody dared to think of building a nearly 1000-mile-long bridge over the sea linking North and South America.

It all began 80 million years ago in the hot heart of the earth. Volcanoes emerge from the spine of the ocean between two tectonic layers and throw enough material to create the small archipelago of North America. For thousands of years, volcanic activity broke out again in millions of tons of lava, forming the bases of the future bridge. Several generations of volcanic islands appear, while others face a corrosive action of the sea and tropical winds and rain.

The first sketch of the bridge is the pillars of the last structure. Thus began the first phase of the construction of the Central American bridge began.

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