The Friendship Case

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Watch  The Friendship Case Documentary Film.

The press has spoken, people want to know, but no one can penetrate the mystery. What happened? These planes play exotic Italian skies. These are the fifties. Some incredible photography, others scared and shouted, “They are there, they are between us”, while others believe that foreigners to help. But who they are; They come, and especially they want?

Until recently, the phenomenon of contact, or an intentional debate, repeated over time, between people and entities of extraterrestrial evolution, is only a few individuals are selected, or who are exposed.

Many of them have gone into history. George Adamski, Howard Menger, Eugenio SIRAGUSA, to name but a few, all faithfully follow this cliched saying. But in 2007, something had happened and could change the cards on the table. Stefano Breccia, and engineers from Marche, live in Abruzzo, published a number of surprising documents seems to have revealed the story of the encounter directly repeated in more than 100 people and alien creatures live in many secret bases on our planet.

The protagonist of the event is considered a writer Bruno Breccia Sammaciccia. The incident is supposed to occur mainly in and around Pescara. It will begin in 1956 and will last for many years. The images and images have emerged to date are cause for concern. But even more rare is the testimony of the person concerned. People call their story is “friendship.” And that name came to us today. Thanks to the courage of Stefano Breccia, one of the most amazing of ufology was revealed. It isn’t an easy decision to make it known.

It all started with an idea by Bruno Sammaciccia. He was thinking about writing his experiences, then asking Breccia is people do it. So he was at his house for a month to record his story. Then he put it all together. In addition to those you like, Breccia has set another target. One reason is that he hopes to work as a bait to encourage others in the same group.

Gaspare De Lama and his wife Mirella are still alive today who participated in the “friendship” event and accepted the invitation of the Breach. Now they live on the shores of Lake Como. Gaspare had admired the courage of Stefano to reveal a direct way, whether it be a celebrity in science and the academic world. Gaspare De Lama became a fan of ufology in the late 1940s and, along with his wife, was looking for a way to greater awareness. Even Mother Gaspare also attended the event.

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