The Book That Can’t Be Read (2011)

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Men always try to encrypt secrets, military communications, love letters, forbidden knowledge, and most secret texts are finally deciphered, but among all of history’s cryptic writings one stands out. Historically, one of them is important. It is the most mysterious book in the world written by an unknown author in a strange alphabet and clearly illustrated by cryptic images. For centuries, he has challenged every effort to reveal his secrets. Now, for the first time, experts analyze the ink, pigment and parchment paper of the Voynich manuscript.

What secrets are hidden between these lines? Who wrote it and why? At the headquarters of the US Army Intelligence Agency, the experts managed to decipher the code called Purple Code of Japan. William Frederick Friedman, director of services is one of the best cryptanalysts in the world. To do the workplace, Friedman and his team deciphered the old cryptic texts. One by one, the code was cracked, but a book, The Voynich Manuscript, obstinately challenged every effort to decipher it. Without hesitation, the cryptographers abandon. This is the only code they can not crack.

The manuscript of about 200 pages, with its strange symbols has been a mystery for decades. At the beginning of the 20th century, an antique dealer from New York visited Villa Mondragone near Rome to search for valuable books. His name is Wilfrid Voynich. Villa Mondragone houses many historical documents of a Jesuit school. Wilfrid Voynich was allowed to examine a chest of the domain of Athanasius Kircher, one of the most famous scholars of the 17th century.

Among the various manuscripts, the chest contained an unusual book. Voynich bought the manuscript and spent the rest of his life trying to decipher it. He dies even when he approaches no solution. After Voynich’s death, the manuscript ends at the Beinecke Rare Manuscript Library and at the Yale Manuscript Library. The library has a lot of literary jewelery, but probably not as famous as the Voynich Book. Rene Zandbergen is one of the leading experts on the Voynich manuscript and has been working on it for many years.

When Rene saw an image of the Manuscript of the Voyages, he immediately felt that it was something he could decipher, that he could read, but over the years, it turned out to be false, so he did not could not help read it like everyone else before him.

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