The Lost Platoon (2012)

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Luke Langley was 22 years old and he came to Afghanistan a second time. For the first time, Langley went to war in 2009, his platoon kept an isolated fortress in the man’s land.7 The platoon commander was Lieutenant Mark Evison, a rising star in the Welsh guard. At that time, British forces were too tense in one of the most dangerous areas of Helmand.

In his journal, Mark wrote, “We are on a rope … the wounds will be sustained and I will not be able to heal and maybe die who has perhaps been arrested.” 7 The Platoon Fleet is the ability to summon weapons of mass destruction in minutes. This film is the day the security line failed and the seventh platoon had to fight.

In spring 2009, the Welsh guard took over a series of remote bases south of Helmand. Mark Evison and his squad were assigned to a fortress called Haji Alem. Evison was delayed briefly, but 7 teams advanced to Haji Alem without him. Like many British soldiers before them, they recorded their battle for the video. Very few warriors witnessed a battle, most were barely out of their teens.

Haji Alem is 4 km from the main base of this region. A few kilometers from the road, is the largest Taliban fortress in Afghanistan. On the first day of the 7th platoon in Haji Alem, photos were taken from the canal. In the fire, the son of an elder of the village was beaten. It is a 15 minute flight from Haji Alem to Camp Bastion Theater … 30k.

The next day, Mark Evison arrived in Haji Alem to lead his squad. The seven teams stayed at Haji Alem for a week when Evison arrested them for the first patrol. Their line will be only a few hundred meters from them. The patrol team moved water trenches carrying opium fields.

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