Glorious Triumphs and Great Tragedies (2003)

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This thirteen minute documentary film, less than a minute each, shows much information on subjects ranging from archaeological discoveries to historical battles.

“Tutankhamon’s treasure” brings viewers to the Egyptian royal tomb in what is considered one of the greatest archaeological finds of all time, the excavation of the Tutankhamon corpse, more commonly known is King Tut.

“Everest: the first climb to the top of the world” includes the first successful expedition to Mount Everest, reached in 1953 by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Gettysburg summarized the strategies of General Robert E. Lee and George Meade during the three-day war in 1863, during which the civil war reached a turning point after two years of blood. .

“The Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls” allows viewers from Qumran, Jordan, and  tracks the discovery of ancient fragmented scrolls dating back thousands of years to Biblical times. A treasure for archaeologists and Bible scholars, the book provides insight into the history of religion while raising questions about the author and its content. “Mystery of the Lost Ark”, continues to be based on the theme of the Bible by bringing the audience to Jerusalem for the story of the storm of the covenant, a so-called god of Moses.

The invasion of Normandy in Normandy, France, and the beaches played an important role in enabling the Allies to invade the territory occupied by the Nazis by financing the event. completed the Second World War. “Titanic: The Atlantic Disaster” is a story about the last hours of the lost Titanic and warnings have not prevented one of the greatest tragedies of the sea cruise.

The “Panama Canal: Against All Odds” includes the construction of the Panama Canal, a task many consider to be overtaken by President Teddy Roosevelt. “Pearl Harbor: Day of Shame” includes the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, a disruption that brought the United States to World War II.

“The day of Pompeii sabotage” revolves around the everyday life of the ancient Romans undoubtedly just before and during the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius. “The Taj Mahal: A Love Story” shares the romantic influence behind the construction of the monument, set up by Emperor Shah Jahan to commemorate his third wife.

“The Anne Boleyn Tragedy” tells the life of a young woman followed by King Henry VIII, her disorderly report and her latest persecution and beheaded by the men in the party. his life. “The last days of the Romanov dynasty” tells the story of the last dynasty of Russian rule before being overthrown in 1917.

Glorious triumphs and tragedies have transcended the world in these historical scenes, offering viewers short, instructive lessons combining archival images and recreations. Create a micro portrait on their subject.

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