The Secrets of Sugar (2013)

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For many of us, the road offers an immediate feeling of warmth and comfort. We define it as an essential element of the food was great, and the satisfaction of culinary happiness. Its presence is inevitable, even in food promises a higher nutritional value. In many parts of the world, the demand for sugar man can not seem to control. In fact, it would be hard to find a common drug than what we experience on the road. But it is an addictive thing that can kill us in record numbers.

The document Secrets of the Sugar Dependency Survey and undermine the well-being of the global society of ours. Extensive research has shown the mistake of the road in some of the most common diseases and threats to our lives, including high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease.

The weight of gout began to form in the 1980s resulting from fat attacks. However, even in climates where the public has unrivaled access to foods with little or no fat, the proportion of patients still badly alarming. Dr. Robert Lustig, Pediatrics endocrinologist was one of the film’s theme interviews, said: “Worse than sugar or fat According to him, the road is a substance? Toxicity and serve a destruction formula for people of all ages. As a leading soldier against the dangers of the road, Dr. Lustig faces a tough battle in the changing realities of current practice in the food industry and raising awareness among an uninformed public who are plagued by their tactics.

According to the observations presented in the sugar secrets, these tactics include nutritional labeling is not clear or confusing, science, fuzzy, and engage in an unprecedented advertising campaign to scale even by the tobacco industry.

Without a change in public perception, the percentage of sugar in the diet every day we have threatened to increase the disease to a higher level and ultimately can lead to the bankruptcy of the entire health care system. Health care in the United States and Canada. By discovering a problem often hidden, Sugar Secrets wants to ignite a movement between the viewer to overcome disturbing trend before it is too late.

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