Our Chemical Lives (2015)

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The chemical industry began to accelerate after the Second World War. Today, chemicals throughout our lives repeatedly do not know their daily interactions with them. Their presence is often a fraud, and loose regulations allow companies to use them without restriction, disclosure or consequence. The potential risks of many of these substances are unknown and can only shed light on the costs of future generations due to illness, disease or other health-related deficiencies.

Our life lighting chemicals expose these dangers and require more positive attention from regulators and the public without a doubt. “The established regulatory system assumes that these chemicals are safe until proven otherwise, so in the end, what we do, every time we put another chemical on the market that is not entirely tested, do we make this gigantic experience on the children of us “

As the film shows, the harmful side effects of chemical exposure begin in the uterus and are transmitted directly from the mother to the fetus. Some of these chemicals have shown that they alter the endocrine system and cause permanent damage to many of the body’s most important structures and functions. May be the appearance of malignancy. Hormonal imbalance can cause puberty at age nine, areas of the brain responsible for impulse control and learning ability can be compromised and the risk of developing certain types of cancer increases. can increase considerably.

What is the frequency of this toxic chemical? They find themselves in the multitude of products we use and eat everyday, fire retardants used in the construction of our electronic products to deplete plastic containers and experiment their contents in our food and beverages.

In addition to presenting a clear case against these dangers and punishing industries that continue to ignore them, our living chemicals also provide valuable information on how consumers can take the initiative to protect themselves and their loved ones .

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