UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed

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One by one, a veteran retirement stage of the US Air Force series on the podium. Their accounts are quite similar and equally attractive. In a presentation to honor soldiers National Press Club in 2010, acknowledges had knowledge of UFOs, all took place near the military base during the Cold War. UFOs and Nuclear Weapons: Secret investigation link revealed their requests by presenting the document was not disclosed, and the testimony of witnesses.

Veterans and hundreds of others like them have confirmed presence near the military base, test area, research laboratory and missile silo. The region is expected to develop the rural areas of Tennessee to Montana in California. In many cases, the presence of UFOs have temporarily disable nuclear weapons located in each location. This is not limited to the United States; It was experienced by members of the Soviet armed forces as well.

Who or who was piloting the unidentified flying object is, and why they are too focused on monitoring and applying nuclear technology emerges in both countries? The use of new declassified documents under the Act, freedom of information, filmmakers discovered that the reports of kidnapping began during atomic bomb tests first. After recording more than 150 witnesses, the correlation appeared between the appearance of these objects and their concerns with examples of the destruction of cosmic modern warfare.

Every film about the form and operation of these objects, the involvement of CIA staff has worked to make layoffs no matter what these meetings, and the information campaign false and organizations are used to refused to soothe skepticism public.

Supported by four decades of research by UFO enthusiasts Robert Hastings, UFO and Nukes Publisher: The Secrets of Liaison are proven to prove incapable of resisting those who have faith in the negative a lawyer. Others may find it difficult to remove all the evidence as presented, or the legitimacy of eyewitnesses of it.

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