The Mystery Conman

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Watch The Mystery Conman Documentary Film.

There is a scammers operating in the shadow of the antique market. He was known as the Spanish master, and his fake earned tens of millions of dollars. Who is this elusive character, and how can he become strong in the world elite? A new documentary The mystery scammer travels from Europe to the United States to seek answers.

In the footsteps of the German archaeologist Stefan Lehmann. He played in a meticulous investigation, combing through the inventory of auction houses, and examining all the nuances to prove false. In some cases, the difference is clear. The expression on the classical statues described as the image of Caesar and Napoleon very clearly conservative and not in phase with the period when they are supposed to be carved. However, distributors sell this piece indifferently to collectors without a doubt with a large amount.

It is one of the most interesting questions raised in the film. It is estimated that up to half of the items sold on the antique market are fake. For many dealers and auctions, selling is everything, and perception can mean the difference between a million dollar card and a worthless work of art. For this reason, the industry is reluctant to open a dialogue on the fake, or try hard to confirm the authenticity of a particular product. This is why accusing archeology like Lehmann is essential and rare. Their investigations are often complicated by the resistance of the base. Museums and targeted auction houses are not the danger of legal action against these people.

The film also explores the sculpture of the market, paintings and other ancient objects are developed. The new wealth has increased demand for these items, and the wealthier fortunes forged ready to meet this demand. A secret secret secret is that Troublemakers have fostered the art market to a large extent, and their disappearance will be felt up Wall Street.

However, at the most basic level, the mystery crook also acts as a fascinating detective story. In many ways, the film is attractive and informative.

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