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Infamy is an intense journey into life and dangerous minds six graffiti artists obsessed the richest Americans. Directed by Doug Pray (Hype and Scratch) was realized by writers, editors and artists graffiti, Roger Gastman, the film plunges you into the legendary street Saber, Toomer, Jase, Griffe, Earsnot and Enem.

With the honesty, humor and brutality of maturity, these artists reveal why they are willing to risk everything to spray paint their city with the “tag”, “throw” and colorful murals. You will also meet Joe “The guerrilla GRAFFITI” Connolly, a notorious “stamp”, people painting graffiti on the walls of the neighborhood with a vengeance only suitable for those who destroy them.

From the streets of the South Bronx to the location of a single tunnel in San Francisco, from the top on the Hollywood announcements to Philadelphia North to study “Philly style map,” from the Mexican border to Cleveland station, Infamie not l Analysis or glorification of the graffiti … you need for her and bring her to life.

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